Sheep Shearing Show

The Wrinkly Rams was designed to bring visitors closer to the NZ high country community. It hosts the only Merino sheep shearing show in New Zealand.

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The Wrinkly Rams

Merino Sheep Shearing Show

The ancient sheep defined by its wrinkly skin, small stature and super fine wool is the Merino. Rams are the horny fertile males. Of unknown origin, it is speculated to be from regions around Spain or North Africa. It is this breed that has allowed New Zealand high country folk to be able to live in the region since colonization. With special wool characteristics the Merinos can withstand the freezing winters and hot dry summers. This natural eco super fiber is desired by Europes top fashion houses-traditionally bringing resources back to the small high country communities. The Wrinkly Rams pays homage to the breed, the culture and the 6000-year relationship between man and sheep. Learn more about the Merinos history in NZ-its life, culture and why its wool is desired in our Merino sheep shearing show. Contact us about your next show today!

Prices are $25.00 per adult, $12.50 child and children under 5 free.

Show tickets can be purchased in our gift shop.

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Did you know?
There is a different breed of Merino in Australia, called Poll Merino, which has no horns.