The Wrinkly Rams


Tired and Hungry?

The Wrinkly Rams cafe is the place to stop for weary travellers seeking refreshment. With clean toilets, espresso coffee, and fresh homemade food so you can enjoy a break from your travels and prepare for your journey ahead. We have Free Wifi available for customers to check emails (or see the latest facebook posts) and there are hot chocolates, milkshakes and ice creams for the kids. See what others have say about us on trip advisor.




Flat White
A Double shot of espresso blended with steamed velvety milk
A Double shot of espresso poured with a greater ratio of foam than a flat white
Double shot of espresso blended with steamed velvety milk served in a latte glass
Long Black
Double shot of espresso served with a side of hot water
Double shot of espresso served in a mug and topped up with hot water
Short Black
Single shot of espresso
A Double shot of espresso marked with steamed milk
Hot Chocolate
Velvety hot chocolate milk served in a mug with marshmallow on the side
Double shot of espresso blended with hot chocolate milk served in a mug
Chai Latte – Spiced or Vanilla
Chai flavored milk served in a mug with a sprinkle of Cinnamon on top
Turmeric Latte
Steamed milk with Organic Turmeric Latte blend (anise, coconut sugar, black pepper) sprinkled with Cinnamon. Served in a glass
Matcha Green Tea Latte
A blend of Matcha tea & Coconut sugar, steamed Milk, sprinkled with Cinnamon
Hot Water
Served with Lemon slice
Extra shot, Mug, Cream, Soy milk, Decaf, Honey etc
$0.50 - 0.70 each

Takeaway Coffee

Double shot
Double shot


Gumboot Tea
Classic Black Loose Leaf Tea
Special Breakfast Blend
The perfect tea for every day drinking
Earl Grey Special
Bergamot, citrus and lemongrass dance upon the tongue
Herbal & Fruit
Japanese Green Sencha
Japanese style sencha. Intensive and tangy but not overbearing
Otago Summer Fruits
Otago stone fruits making a light, sweet and delicate fruit infusion
Pure Chamomile
Chamomile tea to gently relax muscular and nervous tension
Pure Peppermint
A lovely fresh taste of peppermint to calm & relax
Ginger Lemon Kiss
With lemongrass, not just straight lemon. The ginger isn't strong so there's a touch of sweetness
Vanilla Rooibos
South African red bush tea with vanilla. (Caffeine and tannin free)
Grans Garden
Berry fruits from an old English garden
Lemon Citrus
This infusion is for those who love the taste of lemons
Formosa Oolong Tea
Oolong from Taiwan presents a classical cup with slightly earthy and sweet flavours
Lemon Ginseng Sencha
Creamy lemon flavours, with the zing of lemongrass and added goodness of ginseng
Berry & Rhubarb Sencha
Green sencha tea with a light sweet blueberry and rhubarb taste
Peppermint & Flower Energizer
Peppermint flavours tempered by flowers — an undeniable favourite for herb tea lovers.
Pot for One
Pot for Two
Pot for Three

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